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2-megapixel camera

High-definition & high contrast, restore the real scene.Endoscope with a 2-megapixel camera, which clarity is one of the best in the market.The 2 megapixel camera produces high definition images, while the high pixel count captures richer details.2.0MP borescope offers you a wonderful experience of capturing a clear close range HD video in MP4 format and image in JPG format with resolutions 1920×1080.

6mm diameter camera

The camera is small in size.The USB Endoscope camera probe is ultra-thin, only 0.24 inch/6mm, we can use this Endoscope into many hard-to-reach, narrow and confined places at home or outdoors, such as HVAC, vent pipe, engines, air conditioners, sofa corners, bathtub pipes, toilets, etc.6mm diameter borescope probe with video inspection camera and powerful LED light in the tip allow inspection of smallest spaces.
With a 6mm diameter camera, the endoscope reaches medical grade.If you have pets at home and find that your pets have problems with their ears and teeth, an endoscope can help you check them at this time.

180° Steering Lens

180° rotation helps you view the image from different angles;The maximum steering angle of the camera can reach 210°.Two side easy to free flexible bending 180° which allow to take small probes into a small space, then transmit vivid, clear and all-round video and pictures shown on the monitor screen and mobile phone simultaneously through the cable.Two way 180° angle direction, which is flexible use, widely used in sewer inspection, pipeline line inspection, etc.Turn the rotating disk to switch the viewing angle, which allows you to improve the efficiency of your inspection.